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Here is our future, the street legal BISKI & TRISKI, and the utility TERRAQUAD. These units are prototypes that should be in production finding there way in your showrooms between 2018 & 2020.


The Quadski Patrol is a High Speed Amphibian (HSA) with a transition time of less than 5 seconds between land and water helping to extend the field of operation. Capable of speeds up to 45 mph on land and water, the Quadski Patrol provides an unparalleled level of surveillance and ...


When every second counts. The Quadski SAR, a High Speed Amphibian (HSA), transitions between land and water in less than 5 seconds, maximizing every second in life threatening situations. Capable of speeds of up to 45 mph on land and water, the Quadski SAR provides stable performance in surf and ...

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